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    Pembroke Titans Football and Cheerleading (PTFC)

    PTFC is a non-profit youth organization committed to the growth and development of tackle football and cheerleading.   Based, in Pembroke, MA, our youth teams complete in the Old Colony League, comprised of teams from 25 South Shore cities and towns.    The league is divided into 5 divisions, roughly defined by size and competitive level.   The Football Titans will be competing this year in Division 3 with 4 other teams - Abington, Norwell, Rockland and Silver Lake.  Each of these teams will be competing against each other with the final game being the Division 3 Super Bowl.  The Cheerleading Titans will compete in 3 competitions with the final competition being the Old Colony Championship. 

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    Our Sponsors

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

    Sponsored by Sponsor:  Marathon Physical Therapy

    Sponsor: Marathon Physical Therapy

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    Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine:
    "Keeping You Well Throughout The Race Of Life"
    Sponsored by Sponsor: Dick Sporting Goods

    Sponsor: Dick Sporting Goods

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    Dick's sporting goods weekend - July 14th and July 15th.

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