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Titan Squadlocker Store

By Michael, 09/22/18, 9:30AM EDT


Pembroke Titans are pleased to announce our new retail partnership with SquadLocker.  Though SportsNgin, we are providing PTFC families with access to quality apparel for your purchase.  We have been trying for a while to get this out to you, we got it done.   Credit to Bryan Philips with help from Steve Darby for their pursuit and support for this approach.   Here is what we get.

·         Access to name brand clothing. 

·         Embroidering

·         Fund Raising (10% of each purchase)

·         Discounts and offers from Squad locker


SquadLocker offers 50,000+ clothing items -- All the name brands, all the sports, all the styles and colors.   We, as an organization, select a package of items, and provide you the opportunity to purchase.  Which is good, because I have no desire to look through 50,000 items, even if it’s actually 10,000 in each of 5 colors… But we are keeping the selection broad enough for you to apply to all your sports, because we are Pembroke First, Football and Cheer second - it's in the name….


You purchase your orders, they are filled and arrive on your doorstep in 6-12 days.    Here is the BEST PART!!!!   You can share this site with ANYONE!!!!  So all our non-football friends can also purchase cool Pembroke gear - don't worry, it's ok to do that…… So I suggest you spread the word.  Let's all be honest, half of all our wardrobes are pretty much Pembroke clothing, and we do not care, so buy something for someone for Christmas.. Or just treat yourself.

 To access the store, click here

There is a link on our home page if there is any trouble from here