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MIghty Mite Video 2016

Football Season Information

Season starts in early August

We field four levels:

  • Mighty Mites 2nd grade only 
  • Mites 3rd and 4th grade
  • Peewee 5th and 6th grade
  • Midgets 7th and 8th grade.

We hand out the following equipment in late July: 

  • Riddell Speedflex Helmet
  • Riddell Shoulder Pads
  • Practice Pants and Practice Jersey (Optional)
  • We also issue game uniforms which include blue home jersey, white away jersey and game pants.

You need to purchase:

  • Mouthguard
  • Football Practice pants complete with Integrated pads.
  • Cleats with a molded bottom (screw in cleats are NOT allowed per OCYFL league rules not PTFC rules)

All Mites, Peewees and Midgets practice every Monday thru Thursday during the month of August from 5:30 to 7:30 PM

Once school starts we cut back to just three days a week and to hour and half practices, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30 until 7:00

Each level fields a Varsity and Junior Varsity team in the OCYFL Divison 2. 

JV teams play on Saturdays starting in September till the first weekend in November

Varsity teams play on Sundays starting in September till the first weekend in November. Varsity teams also have the opportunity to advance to the playoffs and compete for a Superbowl which could extend our season two more weeks.

Mighty Mites play instructional football with the coaches on the field and no referees. This level is about introducing players to the game football and building a love of the game.

Here is the order form for the Football Pictures being taken on 9/8, prior to Weigh in....

One REALLY COOL piece of this will be the game day action shots... Pay close attention when these are ready.  I got a poster made for my son on one of his action shots as a Christmas gift.  Paul was awesome to work with and even  overlayed a smaller picture pose in the corner...  Then put a caption on it...  Never too early to be thinking of Christmas.... 

Titan Squadlocker Store

By Michael 09/22/2018, 9:30am EDT

Pembroke Titans are pleased to announce our new retail partnership with SquadLocker.  Though SportsNgin, we are providing PTFC families with access to quality apparel for your purchase.  We have been trying for a while to get this out to you, we got it done.   Credit to Bryan Philips with help from Steve Darby for their pursuit and support for this approach.   Here is what we get.

·         Access to name brand clothing. 

·         Embroidering

·         Fund Raising (10% of each purchase)

·         Discounts and offers from Squad locker


SquadLocker offers 50,000+ clothing items -- All the name brands, all the sports, all the styles and colors.   We, as an organization, select a package of items, and provide you the opportunity to purchase.  Which is good, because I have no desire to look through 50,000 items, even if it’s actually 10,000 in each of 5 colors… But we are keeping the selection broad enough for you to apply to all your sports, because we are Pembroke First, Football and Cheer second - it's in the name….


You purchase your orders, they are filled and arrive on your doorstep in 6-12 days.    Here is the BEST PART!!!!   You can share this site with ANYONE!!!!  So all our non-football friends can also purchase cool Pembroke gear - don't worry, it's ok to do that…… So I suggest you spread the word.  Let's all be honest, half of all our wardrobes are pretty much Pembroke clothing, and we do not care, so buy something for someone for Christmas.. Or just treat yourself.

 To access the store, click here

There is a link on our home page if there is any trouble from here

PTFC partners with MARATHON Physical Therapy.

By Michael Verna 07/10/2018, 11:30am EDT

We at PTFC are very pleased to announce this partnership in order to improve the health and safety of our players and our families.  These are some great benefits listed below, we hope you take the time to check out all Marathon offers.   We would like to thank Greg and Rachel Quinlan on this effort.   We would like to Welcome Adam Goodrich and Courtney Zambello to the Pembroke Athletic community. 


Services for participants and their families 

We believe that ImPACT testing for concussion care, and timely access to injury screens will help enhance the safety and care of your participants.  

ImPACT testing is a proven cognitive computerized test administered in our clinic before the start of the season to measure the major areas of cognition likely affected by a concussion. Post-concussion results can be compared and help with the athlete’s recovery and rehabilitation program.  Testing is administered by our Licensed Athletic Trainer, Head ATC at Pembroke High School, Courtney Zambello, L/ATC.

Onsite injury screens will be available to players and family members at PTFC practice fields 1-2 evenings each week throughout the season.  Timely injury screens may help athletes return to play sooner, and will provide parents a plan of care without having to take time out of their schedules for medical appointments.  Screens with our Licensed Physical Therapist, Rachel Quinlan, PT, MSPT are available by appointment only and are available to athletes and their family members.

ImPACT testing alone is available free for all PTFC participants.  Comprehensive pre-concussion baseline manual screens that support post-concussion recovery and rehab program design, these will be discounted 50% (regular $50, discount $25).  Onsite injury screens are also free and as mentioned available by calling our clinic and scheduling an appointment.

Service Summary:

  • ImPACT Testing (test only)
  • Comprehensive Baseline Concussion Screen (includes ImPACT Test)
  • Onsite Injury Screens with Physical Therapist
  • (Bonus) Functional Movement Screen


Link to ImPact Scheduling

LINK to all the services that Marathon Physical Therapy provides


Hudl is an online tool built to help teach and help players learn by making the most of their game and practice video. Coaches can quickly upload footage, create notes, and share everything with the team right in Hudl.

Here are some tools to better help you understand the Hudl platform.

Parents Guide