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Letter from the President...

Please read the following letter from the President of PTFC Doug Falk regarding our 2020 season...


Dear PTFC Friends and Family,

I hope this email finds you well and staying home as much as possible with your families. We know these times are strange to all of us, which is why we want to give you and the kids something to look forward to…Fall sports! 

The reality is we have no definitive answer for when the football season will begin or when gyms will reopen.  We also understand that a financial commitment is unrealistic. 

The number of registered football players is important this year for two reasons.  First, we need to report how many JV teams we can commit to.  This is primarily based on numbers at each level.  Creating the schedules for the OCYFL is a challenge, which is why they look for an answer in May.  Secondly, we have 50 helmets expiring and need to replace them. The manufacturing challenges we’re seeing nationwide could certainly impact us getting what we need. The sooner the order is placed with Riddell, the better. 

With regards to cheerleading, PTFC is tentatively looking at the first week of June for tryouts to determine teams. Be on the lookout for more information from Christen Wright as this date may change.

We know it’s hard to look past our current situation, but there are changes we are making for the 2020 PTFC season. Registration instructions will be sent in a separate email. 

1.     If you currently feel or anticipate ANY type of financial restrictions, then enter the code “2020PTFC” at checkout. This will allow you to register without any financial commitment. We will plan on collecting payment, if possible, when you feel comfortable. 

2.     We’ve eliminated the “late fee” for those who register after May 3rd at midnight, however, please do your best to register by these dates:

a.     Football players by May 3rd. 

b.     Competition cheerleaders by June 1st. 

c.      Sideline cheerleaders by August 15th.

The most important thing is to register so we can plan ahead.  We encourage you to use the “2020PTFC” discount code at checkout. Refunding money later will cost the program a processing fee that we want to avoid. 

PTFC will be emailing the registration link shortly. Please reach out with any questions or concerns related to registration at

While we anticipate there may be some challenges ahead, I am confident we will make it a great season.  We are all in this together!

Stay safe,

Doug Falk


Please see take the time to read the letter noted above from PTFC's President Doug Falk before registering...




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    Pembroke Titans Football and Cheerleading (PTFC)

    PTFC is a non-profit youth organization committed to the growth and development of tackle football and cheerleading.   Based, in Pembroke, MA, our youth teams complete in the Old Colony League, comprised of teams from 25 South Shore cities and towns.    The league is divided into 5 divisions, roughly defined by size and competitive level.   The Football Titans will be competing this year in Division 3 with 4 other teams - Abington, Norwell, Rockland and Silver Lake.  Each of these teams will be competing against each other with the final game being the Division 3 Super Bowl.  The Cheerleading Titans will compete in 3 competitions with the final competition being the Old Colony Championship. 

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