Spring Skills/OTA'S

This is the time of year when our players prepare for the 2024 season. Athletes will work on their skills, strength, speed and agility and participate in Organized Team Activities (OTA's). We are incredibly fortunate to receive this type of training for our athletes..


This program is available to ALL registered PTFC athletes or anyone interested in playing football.

Grades: Grades 1-8


June 2024

Schedule: 2x per week


Pembroke High School

Location: Sessions will take place on the high school turf or the grass practice fields. Coaches will communicate where the sessions will be held.


Every Sunday and Tuesday in the month of June. 5-7pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my player bring anything?

Yes, your player should bring plenty of fluids - water (preferred) or sports drink. It's important for players to be properly hydrated and should have a healthy meal or snack before their conditioning workout. **Please make sure your child's water bottle is properly labeled.

What should my player wear

Your player should wear athletic wear and cleats or sneakers to the session. No equipment is needed for these sessions.

Do I need to stay for my players session?

No, parents are not required to stay. This is a drop and go program. Players tend to do better (especially our younger players) when mom or dad are not there. Our coaches do a great job engaging the players and encouraging them to participate. If parents would like to stay and watch, we ask that they watch from the stands. This will create less of a distraction for our athletes on the field.

What if their is a cancellation?

PTFC will do our very best to inform our players if there is a cancellation due to weather. There are many unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control such as Mother Nature. Please be patient with us. Our goal is to provide as much notification as possible and appreciate your understanding. Please download the Crossbar app and join your athlete's team. This will be the primary means of communication between coaches and parents.

Spring 2024

2024 Pre-Season Conditioning


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